6 Amazing Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard deck furniture Over the last couple of articles we have been discussing ideas for your backyards and this one is no exception. Let’s discuss some awesome backyard deck ideas that will elevate your mind and get you thinking about what features you can add next time you re-do the backyard deck. Find all backyard deck ideas here. […]

A Work Of Art Created Out Of Recycled Building Materials

recycled building materials beer bottle temple When people picture a temple in their minds, they usually picture one constructed from marbles, bricks or stones and recycled building materials like bottles would probably have to be the last thing to appear in their minds! It is hard to imagine that something as ordinary as bottles can create amazing infrastructure or architecture! It […] […]

The Changing Face Of The Garden: How Have They Changed Over Time?

History of gardening Britain Our green spaces have been gradually shrinking in Britain, and now our homes are being affected by this trend. Homes today have halved in size compared to those built in 1920, and the average British garden has shrunk from 168 metres squared to just 163.2 metres squared between 1983 and 2013. Together with Arbordeck, specialist […] […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

protect home water damage With all of the recent flooding that homeowners have been facing in the news, many people are wondering how they can protect their home and their belongings from water damage. By identifying, fixing, and maintaining problem areas, you can avoid taking on excessive damage in the face of rain or flooding. Here are some tips […] […]

Handyman Apps Because Gone Are The Days Of The Yellow Pages

handyman apps Thanks to the latest handyman apps you can find nearby handymen, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, air-conditioning technician and gardeners at a moment’s notice, compare and book their service. Sometimes it can be hard to find time to accomplish all the DIY household and garden jobs on your ever-growing list. A handyman can do a variety of […] […]

Interior Design Trends That Will Shape Your Home

interior design trends Wondering about the latest interior design trends? The interior design industry is like the fashion industry – colors, fabrics, and prints go in and out of style. People nowadays want rooms they can actually live in, so comfort and originality are the interior design trends for the coming years. Interior design trends focus on simplicity, […] […]

Basement Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Basement

basement remodel ideas: music room with drums The basement is often an unnoticed space in the house, but it offers so many opportunities. Basement remodel ideas are numerous. Be inspired to design and remodel your basement. Valuable Basement Remodel Ideas to Transform Your Basement to Beautiful Remodeling a basement, especially if it’s unfinished, is like handing an artist an empty canvas. The […] […]