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Backyard Design Ideas

This plans and ideas makes it easy to fill your entire yard. Get inspired to design an amazing back yard with ideas for garden paths, fountains, outdoor lighting, small backyard design, design ideas on a budget, patio design ideas, pool design, garden design, landscape…

6 Amazing Backyard Deck Ideas

Backyard deck furniture Over the last couple of articles we have been discussing ideas for your backyards and this one is no exception. Let’s discuss some awesome backyard deck ideas that will elevate your mind and get you thinking about what features you can add next time you re-do the backyard deck. There is a new trend which […] […]

6 Stunning Backyard Patio Designs

backyard patio designs Designing the right kind of backyard is not only about having the right amount of space but you need to make sure that your backyard has a personal touch. A personal touch could be anything from having the right garden, patio set and even overall patio. The good news is that having the right kind […] […]

10 Pictures Of Swimming Pools With “Wow” Factors

If you have a high-end home, chances are that you are keen on adding a swimming pool to your property, to take the style as well as luxury quotient of your home a notch higher. In this article we will provide some stunning pictures of swimming pools for your inspiration. Especially because a swimming pool […] […]

Backyard Outdoor Lighting Can Really Bring Your Garden To Life

backyard outdoor lighting Outdoor lighting is as important as indoor lighting. With the evolution of lighting technology, backyard outdoor lighting has seen its share of breakthroughs. Lighting up the spaces immediately outside or surrounding our living areas is extremely vital for visual orientation, safety and security, as well as for balancing out the indoor ambience. The outdoor milieu […] […]

Small Backyard Ideas No Grass – Add Value to Your Home

Small Backyard Ideas NO Grass Looking for small Backyard Ideas with no grass? Designing a home includes choosing the best exterior layout in the front and back. These days it’s very popular to choose a home which gives you a lot of room in the backyard since the extra space will provide you with a chance to set up something […] […]

Butterfly And Bee Attracting Flowers For Your Garden

Butterfly and bee attracting flowers If you’re going to start a bee and butterfly attracting garden, you’re going to need to choose the right flowers and plants that will attract them.  But there is more than just the food source, they need a habitat and shelter too. Butterflies and bees are beautiful creatures with very short life spans and we […] […]

How To Create An Enchanting Outdoor Fairy Garden?

ideas to create an outdoor fairy garden You might not be aware of exactly what an outdoor fairy garden is. This delightful hobby is a way to create a garden of magic and make believe. Using your imagination, you can create a world of wonder. You put in the plants that you want to have in this garden – but in this […] […]

5 Flower Bed Ideas Colorful As A Flower Shop

flower bed ideas and colorful backyard landscaping designs If you’re an artist, you may find it easy to come up with some great flower bed ideas. If not, you may struggle with your backyard landscaping designs, which colors to use, where to put everything, which varieties to use, etc. Many people have trouble making these decisions. But you don’t have to be an […] […]