What Is the Concept of the Cave House?

Cave House Idea The concept of living in caves has been around for centuries. Today this concept is being furthered through the cave house. It is an interesting type of an underground home that it is built inside a cave. This is a home that starts at an entrance to a cave. This kind of home is ideal […] […]

Living Underground – A Brief Look

Living Underground The concept of living underground is rather foreign to most. However, it is also something that can really be interesting for anyone to consider. There are many good reasons why people should think about living in such a spot. How does it feel to live in underground dwellings? Subterranean living is usually rather easy to […] […]

Interesting Considerations For Underground Home Designs

Underground Home Designs Underground dwellings have become very interesting in recent time. These homes allow to be built and set up in spots within the earth to create some very interesting and special looks that will really be appreciated by all in a local area. Many different underground designs are being used these days. For instance, a dome-style […] […]

Earth Houses Are Built Within the Terrain

Earth sheltered building are Earth Houses Earth houses have become popular with people who are trying to live environmentally-responsible lives. They come in two different designs 1) the earth bermed home which is typically built above ground, only partially sheltered by soil and cheaper to build, and 2) the earth sheltered home which is typically built into a hillside. Earth Houses […] […]

How to Build An Underground House the Right Way

How to Build An Underground House the Right Way You may be amazed at how easy it can be for you to get your very own Underground House set up. The process for how to build an underground-house should be reviewed with care as there are some good details that must be explored. Areas with significant temperature extremes and low humidity are best. You […] […]

Art Deco Miami At Its Best

Art deco Miami beach When it comes to Art Deco Miami is one of my favorite places. Between 1920 and 1940 it becomes a world wide movement in architecture, interior design and even industrial design. You will find that there are many things like films and pieces of art that also fashion this type of style. Title picture: The […] […]

Guide to Home Decorating Styles

Home Decorating Styles When decorating your house it’s important to make sure that the style you choose compliments your taste and personality. Since there are many home decorating styles to choose from like western, Spanish, Moroccan and very popular Tuscan, it’s important to understand how each and every decor will influence the look & feel of your home. […] […]

About Us

About us - modern homes and lifestyle Welcome to my Site & Enjoy your stay! We all love interiors and there is no doubt about this. You, me, we all love modern homes¸ architecture & lifestyle right? My aim is to bring to my readers a steady set of resources that would help them visualize, create and maintain beautiful homes. I invite […] […]