Guide to Home Decorating Styles

Home Decorating Styles When decorating your house it’s important to make sure that the style you choose compliments your taste and personality. Since there are many home decorating styles to choose from like western, Spanish, Moroccan and very popular Tuscan, it’s important to understand how each and every decor will influence the look & feel of your home. […] […]

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 Welcome to my Blog & Enjoy your stay! We all love interiors and there is no doubt about this. You, me, we all love modern homes¸ architecture & lifestyle right? My aim is to bring to my readers a steady set of resources that would help them visualize, create and maintain beautiful homes. I invite […] […]

10 Pictures Of Swimming Pools With “Wow” Factors

Pictures of swimming pools If you have a high-end home, chances are that you are keen on adding a swimming pool to your property, to take the style as well as luxury quotient of your home a notch higher. In this article we will provide some stunning pictures of swimming pools for your inspiration. Especially because a swimming pool […] […]

6 Stunning Backyard Patio Designs

backyard patio designs Designing the right kind of backyard is not only about having the right amount of space but you need to make sure that your backyard has a personal touch. A personal touch could be anything from having the right garden, patio set and even overall patio. The good news is that having the right kind […] […]

10 Striking Examples Of Modernism Architecture Designed By Master Architects

Chet Holifield Federal Building The modernism architecture, or modern-era architecture was born in western Europe in the 1920s from the precedent breaking work of modernist architects like Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe in Germany and Le Corbusier in France. Modernist architecture breaks away from cookie-cutter design and traditional aesthetics; it is the pure simplified, unornamented […] […]

Popularity of Steel Frame Homes Picking up in Recent Years!

Steel frame homes Steel frame homes are becoming more popular over the years especially with the cost of materials getting higher. The design is up to you – steel framing walls will remain straight and true, and finishes can be the same as you are accustomed to using. Or they come with a stunning incorporation of glass making […] […]

The Timeless Beauty of Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes Finding the right design for your home is very important. A home to people is a getaway from the everyday stresses that working and the outside environment brings you. Contemporary homes became popular in the 60’s and 70’and often follow a geometric pattern. The term “contemporary” is a changing term which means that in 20 […] […]

5 Amazingly Simple Interior Designs To Transform Your House!

Interior designs living room There is a heaven and hell difference between a house that does not feature interior designs and one that has been decorated by famous interior designers. Home is where the heart is, therefore this is also a place that people would want to personalize in order to express their individuality through elements of designs and […] […]