The Timeless Beauty of Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes Finding the right design for your home is very important. A home to people is a getaway from the everyday stresses that working and the outside environment brings you. Contemporary homes became popular in the 60’s and 70’and often follow a geometric pattern. The term “contemporary” is a changing term which means that in 20 […] […]

5 Amazingly Simple Interior Designs To Transform Your House!

Interior designs living room There is a heaven and hell difference between a house that does not feature interior designs and one that has been decorated by famous interior designers. Home is where the heart is, therefore this is also a place that people would want to personalize in order to express their individuality through elements of designs and […] […]

5 Things You Need To Know About A Safe Room

A Safe Room These protected rooms are not to be confused for a room that acts as a ‘safe’ for storing money or jewellery, but rather a panic room to be used at the time of emergencies for protection. It is essential for houses that are built in areas where violent storms and tornadoes are present to have […] […]


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Let´s Get Off The Ground – Tree House Designs For Kids

Tree House Designs For Kids Although tree house designs may be mostly geared towards kids and teenagers, the truth is that tree houses are for everybody! One of the prerequisites of having such a structure would have to be a tree. Contrary to the popular thinking, one doesn’t need to have a century old Oak in order to construct a […] […]

Granite Nike Missile Base

Nike Missile Base For many years, US have remained at the top with the highest number of Nike missile bases when compared to other countries in the world. Many of the Nike missiles are under care of Army National Guard while others are under the protection of local and state governments in a bid to protect them. The […] […]

10 Most Incredible Bridge Designs In The World

Since ancient times, man has been using various bridge designs to reduce the gap between physical obstacles for smooth passage. Some of these architectures have remarkable presence in the world. Here, we have got for you the list of 10 most incredible bridge constructions around the world. Some of these have become architectural icons for […] […]

7 Amazing Facts About Underground Houses That Will Blow Your Mind

Underground houses are probably one of the most comfortable dwelling places. Being under the surface of Earth, these homes are easy to heat as well as cool and they are not prone to rapid change in temperature. Underground houses have advantages when it comes to heating, and cooling. Starting from an average underground base temperature […] […]