4 Innovative Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Home & Start Going Green

Start Going Green Unlike some bad Hollywood movies and novels, aspirations and concepts of going green with an eco-home are not just limited to the domain of an environment-friendly guy living in a hut. A modern home can be designed and created in an eco friendly manner, while hiding economical or green technology features in many inconspicuous ways. However, […] […]

5 Reasons To Go For Storage Container Homes

Storage Container Homes By looking at the humble shipping containers, you wouldn’t be able to guess that they can make such great homes unless you see some examples of amazing storage container homes by yourself. Gone are the days when houses had to be made from the conventional brick and mortar, today, people are open to living in […] […]

3 Amazing Facts On Art Deco Style Around The Globe

art-deco-style-450 Given the fact that it is relatively young and less than a century old, it is still not well-known enough by the people. However, art deco architecture has flourished in the given cities as well as in other places of the world. With its ornamental and expressive architectural designs, the Art Deco style was an […] […]

The Woodstock Snowball Stand – A Local Tradition

snow cone stand Before we get to the Woodstock Snowball Stand, lets ask – Snowball vs Snow Cones: Which Frozen Treat Stands Supreme? Even for those of us who aren’t really summer people, the season gives us something to rejoice about especially if we happen to be in the Northern states. A delicious frozen desert that can’t help, […] […]

One Hundred Years of Housing on Acme Avenue

Acme Avenue We all know that no man is an island, so no home stand on its own. In addition, old is always gold. Why say this? Whenever people stay in the same neighborhood, they often help one another leading to what we call design relationship. Our little genealogy story about some people at Acme Avenue in […] […]

Historic District Landmarks

historic-districts-colonial-williamsburg Historic District: The definition of a historic district is a group of buildings, or properties, that have been designated as architecturally or historically significant. Within such a district buildings, structures, objects and sites are normally divided into two categories, contributing and non-contributing. The historical districts vary in size, some have hundreds of structures, while others […] […]

Terms and Conditions

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